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Cover design: Julia Rufener

"This book is about one of those children that parents dread having. She came into the world under stressed circumstances and spent the rest of her life living up to that potential. It is frank and unassuming autobiography, from an author who is still working through the events of her own life, allowing us the privilege of looking over her shoulder as she does so."

Gordon Long, Author

"The smallest wave is more than just a biography; it's a celebration of life's adventures and the unyielding spirit of its protagonist. It's recommended for those who appreciate biographical narratives enriched with cultural depth and a spirit of adventure."

Literary Titan, Book Critic

"Adventurous, heartfelt, and engaging author Dolores Reynals’s “The Smallest Wave” is a must-read memoir. The relatability of so many people, especially women who are looking to discover themselves, was remarkable to see a spark to life on the page. The amount of sympathy, heart, and compassion the reader feels for the author and considers the author brings to her own life as each experience teaches her something new will have readers returning to this book time and time again."

Anthony Avina, Author

Authority Magazine
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